W. R. (Bill) Collier- As we build this digital military magazine, we will begin sitreps periodically, and eventually daily. Today's focus is on India, Israel/Levant, Colombia, and the United States. If you have any comments, questions, or insights please email WRCollier@MilitaryGazette.com

India- Confilct remains keen in the Kashmir region as Indian forces continue to battle Islamist terror cells operating throughout many locales. India's talks with Pakistan move forward, but grave concerns over "safe haven" being provided to Islamists debauching from Pakistan into India are the focus on the Indian side. This all against the backdrop of an ongoing political crisis in which the Indian government is crippled by allegations against the Ghandi family misusing Party funds for private gain.

Israel/Levant- The ongoing low-level Islamist insurgency continues as officials continue to hunt for a man who fired into a crowd at a Tel Aviv restaurant nearly a week ago. ISIS is claiming responsibility and also claims to have "fighters" among the Arabs who are citizens of the State of Israel. However, the father of the suspect is cooperating with authorities and publicly denounced his own son on TV. Among many rank and file Palestinians there is a desire to find a way to co-exist with Israel, but the Salafist minority continue to hold sway over the population.

Colombia- the government is accused of breaking the ceasefire with FARC as allegations of ongoing raids are officially denied. FARC had enjoyed the support of Venezuala's socialist government, but that government is under political seige and has recently stopped aiding FARC.

United States- the growth of private militias, the increase in the number of arms held by the populace, and the heated political rhetoric on both sides of the political divide continue to arouse concerns among observers. The current seizure of a federal wildlife refuge's visitor center by militia members, some of whom vow to die for their cause, has not been met with an appreciable on the ground response as of yet, but MG has learned that federal officials are setting up a cordon sanitaire some distance around the occupied area and that over the next few days the noose will tighten. Those who are inside the cordon, including media, should make their exit.

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