Military target on helicopter

Today's SITREP focuses on the situation in Germany regarding an ongoing culture war, the Russian buildup of military forces on the border of the Baltic Republics, and the allegations of a Saudi attack on the Iranian embassy in Yemen.

Baltic Republics- Russia is massing forces in St Petersburg, including Naval forces, and is said to be moving multiple armored regiments close to the borders of the Baltic Republics and FInland. Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, Commander, U.S. Army Europe recently noted the "alarming" buildiup, while Finland, Poland, and the Baltic Republics are said to be rishing through measures to increase their military capabilities. Estonia and Poland, for instance, are allowing pruvate "clubs" to form, and train as, home guard army units, complete with mortars, automatic weapons, and even anti air and anti tank weapons.

Germany- the "rape of Cologne" is causing a stir in the German nation as it is becoming clear that both police officials and the media whitewashed what amounted to a coordinated assault on hundreds of German women by something like a 1000 men, most all of whom are allegedly refugees from Syria or North Africa. The reports of 170 plus sexual assaults in Cologne have been accompanied by many hundreds of reports thbrough Germany and Europe, all of the same type, placing a severe strain on the German and European policy of open borders and open acceptance of mostly Muslim immigrants, some of whom it is now acknowledged are waging culture war on the very nations giving them asylum.

Yemen- the Saudi have been accused of boming Iran's embassy in Yemen's capital, Sa'ana, although this is disputed and pictures from the allegedly bombed embassy have not been forthcoming, Whether true or not, the Iranians have ratched up the rhetoric, even as more and more Arab countries have reduced or severed ties, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, and Egypt. The Saudis appear to be in the forefront in their bid now to noth suppress ISIS and Iran, and the general feeling is that the US is trying so hard to be neutral that it in fact favoring Iran in order to preserve its nucelar deal with the Iranian regime.

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