My name is William R Collier Jr and my family name is William J Wiedenhoff IV, but I refer to myself as "Mr Bill Collier" most of the time. I am pictured here meeting Johanne King Herring, who signed her book for me, and who played a role in helping to end the Cold War. But that's another story.

I have a decades long background in what one might consider news, as a newspaper editor and founder, and intelligence, including military and political intelligence, marketing intelligence, and deep web research. I have been writing for decades, covering world news from a military and geopolitical perspective. As one of the founders, and currently a contributing writer to, The Freedomist, I have "scooped" major media on subjects ranging from Michael Jackson's insurance to Russian bombers being based in Venezuela.

My methods include using deep web research, an analysis system meant to quickly collate and sort lots of data, and the Delphi Method by which causal and predictive analysis can be delivered accurately and in a timely manner. Due to the nature of my work over the years I cannot disclose full details, but my experience stretches back to 1987. I have personally analyzed virtually every country in the world and every conflict since that year and I have been in the middle of, at least as a witness, every major US political event since 2008.

When I study an event I take a holistic view, I consider every aspect of the scene- the cultural setting, economics, military, the people involved and their character, and anything else that might even remotely allow me to discern cause and effect relationships and connections.

I am a soon to be 47 year old man, I am a father of two and husband of one. My two children are grown, one is pursuing music and the other a medical profession. My lovely wife of 24 years, Dora, is my anchor and my best friend, she assists me and upon her wizened brow I have sharpened many of my best arguments! She has two bachelor's degree in the nutrition field and has decades of experience with serving people, usually people who society has written off. She keeps me planted to the earth and to real people with real needs.

I hail from and live near my home state's capital, Harrisburg PA, so that I can be at the center of events in Washington DC, New York, or my state's government. I have grown a network of friends and sources who work everyday on projects which often mean they are well placed to give me an insider's view behind the headlines. This kind of network is not easy to build and it has taken me any years to build it.

My aim through News Scope, a publication I dreamt of creating since I was 12 years old, is to provide you with no-fluff news intelligence that is far more interesting than the "civilian media" who thrive on sensationalism and click bait and who conceal their lack of rich content with reams of useless fluff. Today's #hashtag news formula is not meant for serious and discriminating readers who crave more than the low-level news that is offered now.

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