Government forces have made real advances now in Aleppo against both the Salafist rebels and even against the Kurdish forces in Aleppo itself, tightening the noose. What is unusual is that the advances are much bigger, with swaths of territory in the south and the north falling and rebel forces collapsing inward. 

The area due west of the main airport has seen serious advances also, with government forces opening a secure buffer which will reduce the amount of enemy fire that can be directed here. Additionally, the main highways bisecting greater Aleppo are now under government control and far enough removed from rebel fire that rapid movement of government forces around the rebel stronghold is possible.

As for the Kurds, government forces have nibbled away at their territory and should be able to isolate them from the main rebel stronghold soon. New video from inside the rebel stronghold has not been made available today, which is an unusual development. 

Government forces also pushed into the northern edge of rebel lines north oo their encircling forces, hooking in from the rear and flank of the key rebel stronghold of Ma'Ardes. These moves will further isolate the rebels in Aleppo city itself and also deny them fire support via rocket or artillery from surrounding locations. 

So-called "Tiger Forces", specially trained government troops with better kit, are seen teaming up with Hezbolah units in many of these advances. Hezbolah forces from Lebanon are playing a key role here, gaining valuable experience and obtaining Russian arms. When or if the regime wins back control of most or all of Syria, it will be indebted to Russia, Iran, and Hezbolah, in that order. This is sure to be bad news for Israel and the West.

From South Front, YouTube screen grab.

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