Issuing a directive from the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense has issued an order for US military families to leave southern Turkey immediately, due to the "...deteriorating security situation...", believed to be a credible threat of attack from ISIL. It has been revealed that the affected installations have been operating under "Force Protection Condition Delta" - the highest security level for US military installations - for weeks.

US military personnel have been allowed to bring their families with them to duty stations in the Middle Eastern nation in the past, to famous posts such as Incirlik Air Base, in Adana, and less well-known facilities such as Ismir and Mugla, in much the same way as troops bring their families with them to stations in Europe and East Asia. As well, dependents at the US Consulate in Adana have been ordered home.

Turkey has witnessed at least 100 terrorism-caused deaths since the start of 2016, over and above the casualties caused by the suppression of Kurdish activism in the southern part of the country.

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