Chinese fishing boats, 1999 - J. Hull

There is an amphibious invasion underway. But most of the media isn't covering it. That's because it doesn't look like the archival footage of amphibious assaults.

The People's Republic of China (PRC) upped its ante in its quarrel with Japan over the Senkaku Islands by taking a page from Vladimir Putin's "little green men", Russian troops sent into Ukraine to advise and back up pro-Russian separatists during that country's ongoing civil war.

Beginning on August 6 of this year, the PRC began sending in a stream of up to 230 civilian fishing vessels crewed by "maritime militiamen", escorted by some 13 coast guard ships, daring the Japanese to make themselves into the aggressor, when they are actually defending islands long regarded as "traditionally Japanese". This continues the dangerous, thinly-clandestine escalation that the PRC has been engaging in, in the South China Sea. It seems that the PRC is desperate to try and extend its territorial waters, even going so far as to anger not only Indonesia, but Argentina, of all states.

The danger in this would be clear - the fundamental principles of globalization rely on the freedom of the seas, and in attempting to claim such a vast domain, the PRC is openly risking war with virtually the entirety of the world whose commerce is threatened by such rash displays -- which basically means everyone else on Planet Earth. Japan tried this once - it didn't work out so well.

The potential oil deposits in the Spratly's aren't worth it.

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