A list of accomplishments which illustrate the experiences of Bill Collier, owner and CEO of Regal Blue Media!

My experience in new media and mobilization for political organizations and for businesses may go back decades, but in recent years I have been front and center in some of the major political developments of our time. (I cannot help but mention that in many of my undertakings, Paul Gordon Collier, my twin brother, has either led or co-led the efforts.)

My current BLOG on Freedomist is called "The Freedomist News Watch", check it out!

Bill On TV

Bill Collier on MSNBC- Bill has often been either in the news or interviewed for his expertise on various issues.

Web Design- while for many years I have performed web design for various projects, it was not until this year that I began offering web design for the public. I have developed websites for ministries (see TeamRockMinistry.com) and businesses (see hypnoticbeauty.com). My most recent project, a mid-sized web portal for The Committee To Unleash Prosperity, was called "the supply side portal" and was founded by Steve Forbes, Art Laffer, Steve Moore, and Larry Kudlow. The build was extremely challenging as it was a 14 day build, which we finished on time and on budget.

DONTGO- precursor to the Tea Party, my role was to write and help mobilize people for online action. I covered, and helped uncover, along with and based on research by Jason Gillman, a vital link between Nancy Pelosi and T-Boone Pickens that became a national news story in 2008. 

Bill And Sarah

Bill with Sarah Palin, at an event where his contributions to Team Sarah were recognized.

Team Sarah- a social network based on support for the values represented by Sarah Palin, I was tasked in December 2008 with developing and implementing moderation and mobilization standards and procedures and was successful in detecting and exposing efforts by politically motivated persons to plant false stories about the community in the media.

The community is STILL active today! TeamSarah.org still reflects the values that its members believe Sarah Palin represents and many of those members went on to be very active in causes and issues aligned with those values. 

Bill and Dana Loesch

Hanging with Dana Loesch at one of the many events Bill has been invited to attend.

Reagan 2.0- Working with Ralph Benko, I developed an online community based on Reagan's 10 Commandments that earned media attention and attracted high level activists to support a return to a pro-prosperity agenda.

Never meant to be more than a catalyst for thought and to inspire people to pick up the fallen mantle of the Reagan legacy, the site was de-activated 4 years after it was conceived, having achieved its goals. But Reagan's 10 Commandments remain an inspiration for much of my work.

TEA PARTY- Using my partnership with the Freedomist, the Reagan 2.0 community, and Team Sarah, I played a key role in supporting efforts to organize the very first Tea Party events. Mobilization, creating rapid response teams, and developing many temporary web properties to get the message out were all part of these efforts which helped to create what has been described as the most important political movement in our time. (I worked side by side with my brother Paul Collier in all of these efforts.)

Bill with Congressman

Bill meets with Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10, R) during his tenure as the Editor of the Tioga Freedomist

THE FREEDOMIST- Starting as a simple blog, the Freedomist has remained a strong center-right voice and portal for pro-freedom news and commentary and has led to the creation of a digital newspaper (The Tioga Freedomist), which started as print and shifted to all digital  to match audience demand, that is a major regional news source in Tioga County PA and its environs.

My role was to be the co-founder with Paul Collier of the main Freedomist news blog, which broke many stories and received multiple mentions from such sources as Matt Drudge, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh, and to be the first Editor of the Tioga Freedomist from August of 2012 until January of 2015.

The Freedomist is owned by Kross Publishing, a company which is itself owned by Paul Collier, Johnny and Juanita Berguson, and myself.

UNSUNG Achievements- working with Paul Collier and Kross Publishing, I have been front and center in many major political news events which we are, frankly, not at liberty to discuss- this often involves behind the scenes work in consulting, narrative development, mobilization of volunteers, and use of SEO and SEM techniques to dominate the space with the desired message. 

Bill in London

Bill poses for a picture on the way to a business meeting in London- the details of which remain confidential!

Business Related Achievements- rarely do I have the liberty to advertise business achievements because we often work behind the scenes and offer services on a "white label" basis through vendors. My work has involved straight marketing, internet marketing, SEO, SEM, and a number of special projects to provide reputation management services or support. I also conduct, only with and through licensed PI's, deep web research for investigatory purposes. 

I have been conducting business marketing, marketing research, and public relations in all types of media since 1992 when I co-founded a local newspaper in Grants, New Mexico. 

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