A slow day, as of 1100HRS, CST. That's a good thing, too...Although terrorists have a nasty habit of rudely interrupting that first cup of coffee.




Burkina Faso

* Al-Qaeda affiliate AQIM has claimed responsibility for the attack on the Splendid Hotel in Ouagadougou, which has so far killed at least 29 in the capital of Burkina Faso Friday, a U.S.-based monitor group said on its website. [Source]

* Meanwhile, two Austrian citizens, a doctor and his wife, were kidnapped overnight in northern Burkina Faso near the border with Mali, the West African nation's security ministry said on Saturday. The identity of the kidnappers is not confirmed, but the government believes that it may be related to yesterday's attack. [Source]






* Syrian Government forces drove ISIL from positions east of the city of Homs today, reportedly inflicting numerous casualties, and destroying several "technicals" (the ubiquitous armed pickup trucks of Fourth Generation Warfare). [Source]


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* A car bomb has reportedly exploded outside the home of the head of security for the port city of Aden, Brigadier Shalal Ali Shayea. Casualties have been reported, but the situation continues to develop. [Source]






* Security forces arrested the Maoist Communist Centre (MMC) zonal commander Mahinder Bhokta in the Gaya District of Bihar State, near the border with Nepal. Security forces also recovered a large cache of weapons and ammunition in the raid. [Source]

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