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And again, a (comparatively) slow news day. I really like days like this.

On a side note, MilitaryGazette has been tracking an odd development: While bomb threats are frequently called in to all sorts of places - especially schools - there have been a series of bizarre "robo" threats (see HERE for just one example) made to school districts around the world, where multiple schools in a district receive an automated call, making a bomb threat to the school, usually forcing a lock-down and/or evacuation.

We are keeping an eye on this odd situation, and will keep our loyal readers advised, as the issue develops.



* In yet another dual-bomb attack, two suicide bombers on Friday afternoon blew up themselves at the grain section of the international market in Gombi in the Adamawa State, killing eight persons and injuring twenty-eight others. The attack is suspected to have been the work of the Boko Haram terrorist group.



* At least four people were injured by bird-shot fired by Muslim Brotherhood protesters on Friday in the Egyptian Delta province of Sharqiya, to the south of Port Said, the northern entrance of the Suez Canal, the official news agency MENA reported.


* At least two Egyptian police officers were killed and other five security men were wounded in a bomb blast in the restive Sinai Peninsula on Friday, an official security source said. The victims' armored vehicle has been exploded when it passed on explosive devices near a school complex in the North Sinai provincial capital of Arish, the source told Xinhua on conditions of anonymity.



* Algerian troops killed four Islamist gunmen west of the capital of Algiers on Friday, the defense ministry said, adding they were part of a group who left nine soldiers dead in an ambush last year.




* One soldier was killed on Jan. 29 during clashes with militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in the Cizre district of the southeastern province of Sirnak, the Turkish General Staff has announced.


Saudi Arabia

* Two gunmen wearing suicide bomb belts attacked a Shiite mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia during Friday prayers, an assault that killed at least three people and one bomber and wounded 18 in the eastern region of Al Ahsa, authorities said.

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* A hand grenade was thrown into a refugee shelter in Germany overnight as officials said attacks against asylum seekers in the country hit a new level of “hate and violence”. Police in the southern town of Villingen-Schwenningen said it was “just luck” that the device did not explode when it landed at 115am.




* Two people were killed when suspected Taliban militants opened fire on a car in Kandahar, the capital of southern Kandahar province on Friday, a police spokesman said.


* Ten persons including seven militants and three security personnel have been killed in operations conducted by Afghan security forces over the past 24 hours, in the northern Baghlan and eastern Kapisa provinces.



* A tragedy was averted on Friday by the timely detection of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) on board the Mumbai-bound Mahanagri Express train in the Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh, police said.


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