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A burst of fighting in Iraq, as the shaky ceasefire in Syria begins, and Indian Communist guerrillas lose a senior officer.....





* Fighting rages north and northwest of Baghdad, with dozens of ISIL terrorists reported killed in the fighting, even as ISIL continues to implode, reportedly executing eight Dutch jihadis following a series of internecine assassinations and firefights between the c.75-man Dutch unit and their Iraqi jihadi "hosts" near Raqqa, as well as some fifteen more near the northeastern city of Kirkuk.....Well done, there.

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* As the shaky ceasefire in Syria continues, an estimated 250 Islamist militants in the south of the country surrendered to Syrian Government forces.


* Meanwhile, the al-Nusra Front continued sporadic attacks in and around the northern city of Aleppo, as Russian-backed government forces slowly tighten their noose around the terrorists.




* Afghan government forces have reportedly killed at least 70 Taliban militants in three days of heavy fighting, capturing a Taliban bastion in northern Faryab Province, close to the border with Turkmenistan.

The Taliban have yet to comment.



Action across India's "Red Corridor" has killed at least eight Maoist guerrillas by Indian security forces in southern Chhattisgarh State, with a large amount of weapons and equipment were seized...


* ...As, acting on a tip, police in Giridih, Jharkhand arrested Chandamuni Hansda, reported to be a very senior Naxalite cadre officer and one of the founding members of the Maoist women's wing in Jharkhand's Santhal-Pargana Division.


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