Strange things are afoot in South America...




* Rumors abound concerning a mysterious joint Argentinian-Chinese "space facility" deep in the South American country's Patagonia region of Neuquén Province. Begun following a quietly-inked deal in 2012, the ground facility is set to open later this year. While both Argentina and China insist that the station is purely to observe the Moon, suspicions are rampant that the facility will be used to monitor the satellites and space operations of other nations.

Newly-minted Argentine President Mauricio Macri had vowed, as part of his election campaign, to release details of "secret clauses" in the 2012 agreement. As of press time, no release has occurred.

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* Al Shabaab militants claimed to have killed twelve members of the Kenyan Defense Forces and captured two more, in an ambush in southern Somalia, between the towns of Bilis Qooqaani and Afmadow. As of press time, the Kenyan government has not confirmed the claim.

This comes two days after KDF troops killed some 19 Al Shabaab fighters in operations around Afmadow.


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