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Yemen gets a lesson in trust, the "Red Corridor" continues a slow bleed, and the Philippine Army dukes is out with Muslim guerillas...




Nineteen Yemeni Army soldiers were killed, and an unknown number wounded, when their convoy was ambushed by terrorists from the AQAP group. Some of the Yemeni soldier's remains were reportedly beheaded.

The convoy was reportedly carrying its troops en route to receive their monthly pay. This is a common feature in Third World militaries, where the troops are still typically paid in cash. In theory, bringing the troops to the cash is more secure than sending the cash to the troops...of course, this degrades performance in the field, but this is the trade-off in unstable states.



One Soldier was killed and another wounded, in an attack by Communist guerillas on a helipad in the Bijapur District of India's state of Chhattisgarh.

The region, part of India's so-called "Red Corridor", has been the scene of major guerilla actions recently, as part of long-running Maoist insurgency, now in its 49th year.

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Twenty-two soldiers were injured during a firefight with upwards of 120 Muslim guerillas from the Abu Sayyaf group in a remote area of Baslian Province, in the southern Philippines.

The firefight occurred a day after Abu Sayyaf released retired Italian Catholic missionary Rolando Del Torchio, after spending six months in captivity, following his kidnapping by the Muslim terror group.

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