The video below is a "video of training" -- not a "training video". These are various units of the United States Marine Corps' Force Reconnaissance command conducting a variety of training exercises in 2017. Contents to the video is below the video itself.

United States Marine Corps Force Recon Training | Swift, Silent, Deadly



- Combined-arms raid 00:00
- Marksmanship training 02:09
- Fast rope and deck clearing drills 03:47
- Dive Operation 05:53
- Proficiency jump training 08:10
- Load and launch combat rubber raiding crafts 10:30
- Night infiltration 11:32
- Sharpen mountaineering skills 13:50
- Jungle environment training 16:40
- Free-fall and static-line jump 21:15
- Landing Beach Operations 23:06
- Close quarters training 24:42
- Sniper training 26:05
- Special operations combative program 29:04
- Combatant divers course 32:08
- Recon Jump Training 34:13
- Night Jump 36:52
- Rehearse night observation 38:22
- Launch and recover drills 41:36
- Combat readiness exercise/reconnaissance and surveillance operations 46:39
- Counter Insurgency Operations 51:09


Lance Cpl. S. Lapi, USMC -- 2013

Marines from force reconnaissance platoon, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, shoot rounds from .45-caliber pistols during close quarter tactics shooting at the Kaneohe Bay range training facility




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