Unconfirmed reports from on the ground in northern Syria are coming in from open press that a Russian aircraft, described as a Mig-29, has been shot down after straying into Turkish air space. 

According to sources, who requested to remain confidential because they are not authorized to speak, the shoot down would have occurred because the plane in question appear "not much different in profile from an Iranian Mig-29" and would have strayed "considerably" into Turkish air space to elicit such a response. The alleged shoot down comes a week after Turkey warned that such an incident might occur. Witnesses on the ground told local media that three aircraft were seen fling in formation of Huraytan, northern Syria, which is on the Syrian-Turkish border, and then one of the aircraft "disappeared in a plume of fire and smoke", after which a loud explosion could be heard.

According to Express News in the UK, "One journalist tweeted that three Turkish planes were responding to "mysterious" lock-ons from Mig-29 jets, which are used by Putin's forces." This would have meant that the Russian planes, if the report is true, locked on to Turkish targets, presumably the Turkish aircraft that were trailing the Russian aircraft. This raises the possibility that the shoot-down occurred over northern Syrian but was a response to provocative action by the Russians.

One on the ground tweet read as follows-

suburbs: Ammar just witnessed a huge explosion in the night sky, hppnd while 3 fighter jets wr hovering up https://twitter.com/ammaralzeer/status/652552335177158656 

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