News Scope is being built as your premium "news intelligence" resource, often catching what "open press reports" miss. But we need your help, my friends! Do you want what amounts to your very own "intelligence agency" feeding you the REAL SCOOP about world headlines, instead of the lightweight fluff and nonsense colored by partisan bias being spoon fed by today's media?

I am offering an annual subscription to News Scope for $45/year to help raise some up-front capital to make News Scope equal to its vision: to provide news intelligence for smart readers who want real news without fluff, nonsense, or partisan bias!  SUBSCRIBE NOW AND HELP ME BUILD A REAL NEWS ALTERNATIVE!

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News Scope has already scooped the big boys.

For instance, how aware are you of the true nature of the battle in the Middle East? If you said it's Sunni Islam versus Shia Islam, as Geraldo Rivera claims: you don't have the full background. The battle is between moderate Islam and Salafism.

Do you know the real danger represented by allowing a Russian government owned firm buy a Canadian uranium mining concern with assets in the US? You might not know that the real danger in this deal is that it increases Iran's ability to make a nuclear bomb!

You heard about the terrible earthquake in Nepal. Did you that Nepal will likely be on its own for first few days? Do you know WHY sending in aid could be much complicated?

News Scope is run by me, Bill Collier, the Publisher and the only writer, and I have a "knack" for sniffing out the real story, the real connections, the real causes, and the real effects of today's world headlines. With a bacground in military intelligence, global marketing and PR, and the news business I am uniquely qualified to ferret out the unknown and bring hidden things into the light of day.

That's where my need becomes YOUR opportunity.

Allow me to explain.

You see, in order to expand News Scope and give YOU the "secret news" beyond the headlines, I would like to hire some part time writers and begin a profit-sharing deal with experts (50% of monthly subscriptions will be shared with these expert contributors) who will commit to helping to analyze world news (using "The Delphi Method" of analysis) and give you the straight skinny and the deep background behind world headlines. It will be like an intelligence agency with reporting available to average people!

I have a proven intelligence gathering and analysis system I want to implement to make News Scope THE global news intelligence resource for common people. That's right, news that others charge over $300/month for and that is written in a dry and academic tone, will be made accessible to REAL PEOPLE, not just the top 1% who use that advanced news analysis to their advantage, and our disadvantage, every day!

I would also like to obtain more information resources and tools for gathering raw "intel" which will allow us to do more and better reporting. I would even like to do some investigative traveling to solidify and make connections on the ground in key regions around the world. There's no telling the number of "myths reported as news" we will uncover and expose for YOU!

News Scope is badly needed by intelligent readers who do not want fluff and nonsense or partisan bias in their news- it is "news intelligence." But the current alternatives are too expensive and often they are written in a language nobody in the real world uses and with just a "hint" of the corporate backing that controls these sources of premium news.

While our standard monthly subscriptions are $45 for the premium package, I am setting up a $45/year package you can buy right now to help support this effort. For $45 you'll get a daily News Brief but, what is more, I'll throw in three months of the premium package for FREE. There is no automatic billing, at the end of the three months you will be able to choose to continue to subscribe at the reduced rate of $15 per month. I'll send you an email with a sign-up link.

I will open this up right now to the first 120 people who subscribe and ask that you consider sharing this offer with your friends. If you enjoy real, intelligent news without the fluff or partisan bias, if you want to see this expand and grow and cover the whole world. Subscribe now for $45 per year and support this worthy effort to fill an unmet need. Let's take back the news from people with agendas, and let's make it more intelligent, honest, and thorough!

I have no corporate sponsors, no partisan organizations support me: it's just me and you. Will you support News Scope and become an annual subscriber for $45? If you are one of the lucky 120 who get in on this you will be doing your bit to bring real news intelligence to the People!


Can't afford $45 all at once?

Consider our $15 starter package- you'll get 3 months of the basic subscription and one month of the premium subscription. And you'll be doing you small part to create a news intelligence service for real people!

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