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It has been a very fast-paced day, around the world. Get something to drink -- you'll need it.





Cameroon - A suicide bomber killed 12 people and wounded an unknown number of worshipers in a mosque during noon prayers, in the town of Koupaye, in the far northern region of the country. Authorities believe the incident is connected to Cameroon's deployment of troops in the fight against the Boko Haram terrorist group in neighboring Nigeria. [Source]

Burundi - With the country on the brink of civil war, two renegade security police officers were killed, and another captured, after their car was stopped at a checkpoint, and was found to be carrying explosives and weapons. [Source]

Kenya - Police are searching for a group of gunmen after a police officer escorting a shipment of corn flour was ambushed and killed, and his G3 battle rifle stolen, near the coastal town of Kwale, near the port city of Mombasa. Security officials believe that the attack may be the work of Al-Shabaab militants. [Source]

Somalia - Six government soldiers have been reported killed in action following an intense firefight with Al-Shabaab militants near the central Somali town of Elbuur. Local villagers told reporters in the area that Al-Shabaab remained in control of the immediate area. [Source]

Yemen - Unidentified gunmen Wednesday shot dead two policemen in Yemen's southern city of Aden, a security official said, in the second such attack in as many days. The attackers reportedly struck from the back of a motorcycle, before fleeing into traffic, officials said. This follows the assassination of a police lieutenant colonel outside his home in an identical attack on the 12th. [Source]

Egypt - Railroad operations on the Cairo-Aswan line have resumed, following the detonation of one IED, and the defusing of another, police reported late last night. [Source]

Egypt - Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi issued a presidential decree on Tuesday extending the state of emergency in Sinai for three months as of Wednesday, Jan. 27. The curfew was placed in effect following the October 24, 2014 killings of 33 police officers in the northern Sinai town of Sheikh Zowaid by the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis terrorist group in a suicide bombing and shooting attack. The Egyptian Army's "Martyr's Right" combat operation, launched in response to the 2014 attack, continues. [Source]

Middle East

Turkey - Officials have blamed Tuesday's suicide bomb attack in Istanbul that killed ten, on the ISIL terrorist group. [Source]

Turkey - In news related to Tuesday's bomb attack in Istanbul, Turkish authorities have detained a number of ISIL recruits in the southern province of Antalya, including at least three Russians. [Source]

Syria -

Ferocious fighting continues throughout western Syria, as the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad steps up its fightback to retake the country from the terrorist insurgents of the so-called "Caliphate".

* Beginning in the south, senior al-Nusra Front commander Munir al-Muthib was killed by government forces in combat near the town of Sheikh Meskeen, in northern Dara'a province. Meanwhile, Abu Raqd al-Basheq, another senior field commander of al-Nusra and one of his bodyguards were killed by unknown gunmen in Um al-Mayaden town in the Southeastern side of Dara'a. [Source]

* Near Damascus, government forces retook the villages of Hosh al-Matin and Tal Farzat in Eastern Ghouta province, killing at least 10 ISIL militants and wounding an unknown number. Government forces also beat back a counterattack on the recently-liberated village of Bilaliyah, also in Eastern Ghouta, maintaining their disruption of al-Nusra and ISIL supply lines. [Source]

* Government forces hammered ISIL/al-Nusra Front guerrillas in the central Homs and Hama regions.
[Source 1]
[Source 2]

* Government artillery units and fighter-bombers are pounding Islamist forces as they approach the city gates of Salma, northeast of the port city of Latakia, as government army combat engineers work frantically to clear enemy mines and booby traps from the suburbs, to allow access to main-force government infantry and militia units. [Source]

* Meanwhile, the Syrian Air Force - in cooperation with Russian Air Force units - stepped up its attacks on guerrilla's around the northern city of Aleppo, hammering ISIL positions relentlessly. [Source]

* Finally, Government forces killed Faleh al-Zobeidi, head of ISIL's military training command, near the eastern town of Deir Ezzur, after killing senior ISIL commander Abdo Jazra on January 6th, also near Deir Ezzur. [Source]

Iraq -

* A suicide bomb attack critically wounded senior Iraqi police officer Brigadier Qasim al-Anbuki and killed two of his guards Tuesday near the eastern city of Baqouba, police said. [Source]

* Eight people were either killed or wounded in a bomb blast in a popular market in the al-Obeidi District east of Baghdad, today. [Source]

* A mortar attack near al-Saadiya in Diyala, outside of Baquba, caused material damage, but no reported casualties. [Source]

* At lest seven Sunni mosques were firebombed in eastern Iraq today, following a wave of bomb attacks yesterday, that killed at least 23 people, mostly Shia Muslims. [Source]

Pakistan -

* One driver was killed and four other personnel of the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) were wounded while transporting water for the under-construction Turbat-Hoshab National Highway in the Turbat area of the Kech District, north of the port city of Gwadar. Security forces responded by launching a search operation, that is currently ongoing. [Source]

* Attackers on motorcycles hurled hand grenades and dropped propaganda material related to the so-called "Islamic State" at the Islamabad offices of TV station ARY, wounding one editor. The attackers were driven off by station security. [Source]

* Security police arrested three members of the mostly-defunct militant group 'Lashkar-e-Jhangvi' near the city of Lahore, today. The militants were reportedly carrying maps, explosives and pictures of news agency buildings. [Source]

India -

* Security forces recovered two shrapnel bombs and two petrol bombs hidden in the offices of the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) in the southern province of Tamil Nadu, apparently in preparation for an attack on a meeting that was about to commence. [Source]

* In a major victory for counterinsurgency forces, Maoist Naxalite guerrillas in the West Bastar forests of Chhattisgarh state, confirmed today that they had been forced to split up their battalion-strength units into smaller company and platoon elements, as they are losing the support of the population. [Source]

* Meanwhile, a police constable was injured in a shootout with Naxalite guerrillas in the forest near Chhattisgarh's Sukma District. [Source]

Thailand -

* A team from Ranger Company 4804 (part of the paramilitary "Thahan Phran", or "Thai Rangers") overran a separatist camp in the jungle, in the Cho Ai Rong district of southern Thailand, today. [Source]

* Meanwhile, a senior police detective was murdered, and a junior officer was wounded, in an ambush by gunmen in the Sai Buri district, near the southern city of Pattani, today. [Source]

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