Thumbnail Military Gazette has been carefully watching the situation in Turkey, as the United States United States and Russia attempt to close a solid ceasefire deal, to prevent Turkey's threatened ground intervention in Syria. The situation remains tense, even as Saudi Arabian Air Force fighters begin landing at the Incirlik airbase, as a Turkish intervention would almost certainly lead to Turkish call to NATO for help, under Article V  of the NATO Charter, leaving NATO with the stark choice of either backing Turkey, and risking the first general war since 1945, or refusing to aid Turkey, and threatening the foundations of the alliance as a whole.

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* Security force operations in Ghazni Province have killed at least 10 Islamist militants from various groups in the last 24 hours.


* The Taliban continue to implode, as fighting between rival factions has killed at least 33 militants in clashes since Monday.




* Philippine Army troops overran a stronghold of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) group in Lanao del Sur Province, on the island of Mindanao on Thursday night, in heavy fighting.

JI is a transnational organization with cells in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. In addition to al-Qaeda the group is also thought to have links to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Army spokesman, Major Filemon Tan, stated, "We are still pursuing the rebels, using armored assets."

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* The Al-Shabaab terror group claimed responsibility for a car bomb and gunfire assault on a hotel in the Somali capital of Mogadishu which killed at least twelve people before security forces ended the attack.

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