W. R. (Bill) Collier Jr- The terror attacks in Paris were not "sophisticated" attacks, as is often claimed in the media. The attacks were basically straightforward and poorly executed and belie the claim these Salafist killers are "masterminds."

The Paris attacks were basically the work of perhaps 30 people organized by 27 year old Abdelhamid Abouid, who was taken down in a raid in Saint Denis on November 18th. The leader, touted as a "mastermind", used a farily straightofrward and unsophisticated plan of attack: smuggle in guns, ammo, explosives, and grenades that are all too readily available in Europes underground arms market then send a few people with bomb vests into a soccer game to blow themselves up while others, with no more "combat skill" than an L.A. gang-banger, go after crowds of unarmed civilians who can't shoot back.

The attackers were not skilled or sophisticated, in fact video surveillance shows an attacker trying to kill a victim when his gun jams and he cannot finish off his victim: in light of the fact this was an AK-47 it is quite a feat to jam the weapon.

The suicide bombers were also poorly trained and prepared. They lacked tickets to the soccer game they were supposed to attack and, what is more, were late arriving at the site. Their brutish attempts to get into the venue were laughably detected and prevented. They blew themselves up without harming so much as a cobblestone in the street.

Some attackers resorted to drive-by shootings, pulling up at a crowded venue and spraying it with bullets. Their accuracy was extremely low, which no doubt saved dozens of lives. And then there were the 4 who entered the Bataclan theater, packed with 1500 people. Let's see, packed room, 4 attackers with automatic assualt rifles and grenades, and limited points of exit. The result should have been a stunning death toll in the multiple hundreds- 89 were killed. Thousands of rounds were fired, multiple grenades exploded, and one attacker blew themselves up. Clearly, these atttackers could not shoot straight and had no tactical control of the room.

What we see here are uneducated, unsophisticated, unskilled thugs bumbling about who can't shoot straight. This is ISIS's brightest and best.

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